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About Me
Keywords: about,nicene creed,beliefs,info,faith
...people's faith.Now I'm not saying I have all the right answers or have got my theology all perfect and neat – I am ever learning and studying the Scriptures too!I jus...
Book Reviews
Keywords: Book Reviews, theology, christian, review, faith, journey
...Book Reviews...
Recommended Reading
Keywords: books,reading,recommended,study
...Recommended ReadingHere I will add and update a list of recommended books which I've read that have helped with my faith and theological journey (in no particular order)....
Submit an Article or Review
Keywords: books,reading,recommended,study
...Submit an Article or ReviewUse the form below to attach a PDF (or other text document) with your book or film review, or an article on theology/faith. I will review...
My Book: 40 Days with the Fathers
Keywords: books,reading,recommended,study
...at men of faith, many of whom suffered persecution and martyrdom to preserve the Church and Christ's mission, bridge the gap between the Bible and the present day. They f...